White noise

video instalation

A chrysalis is a non-temporary place in which caterpillars sleep, their bodies decomposed and reassembled. Dissolving and putting itself together in a parallel universe, this work occurs within a chrysalis, using different transmissions. The figure is dispersed across the installation space in parts and sounds, pulsating between destructions and construction within its chrysalis. Chaos and synchronicity behave like white noise; a static full of life. The repeating mantra, “don’t be cruel to a heart that’s true”, indicates a state of circular, fearful obsessive thoughts with no beginning nor end. The deconstructed figure carries various musical roles. In its communal singing, it finds one moment of harmony, in which the figure is again One, only to immediately decompose again.

sculptures, animation, editing, sound designing and projection mapping by Oru Serfaty

voice by Suliman Husaisy

Don't be cruel by Elvis Presley